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Our QR code products help you get lost items back.
Here you have to

1. scan a new QR code and enter your email address and
2. attach the QR code product to your belongings.
3. if someone then finds your things and scans the QR code, they can send you a message and tell you where you can collect your things again.

The ability to send a message to the owner increases the likelihood enormously.

Given the citizen-unfriendly opening hours of many lost property offices, the lack of clarity as to where they are located and the effort required to bring them there, many lost property items never reach a lost property office. In addition, many institutions, such as public transport, public facilities, such as swimming pools, schools or leisure facilities run their own collection points, of which most people know nothing.

Our QR code also makes it possible for these collection points to contact you.

Our QR code products are ideally suited for:

  • - keys
  • - purses
  • - bags, suitcases and pouches
  • - your children's favourite cuddly toys
  • - umbrellas
  • - coats, jackets, hats
  • - USB sticks
  • - pets
  • - mobile phones
  • - glasses
  • - Tablets and notebooks
  • - Playground equipment, such as scooters, tricycles or running wheels